Blue Ventures
Improving Health & Wellbeing of Children & Families in coastal Madagascar
2021 - 2023

The Light Foundation’s funding has enabled Blue Ventures to strengthen and increase the reach of its community health programme. This programme benefits 130,000 fishers and their families, supporting community members to act as community health workers, offering health services and education and integrating the program within Madagascar’s public health system. These community health workers offer a range of services, including treatment for childhood illnesses, basic maternal healthcare, access to family planning services, and the distribution of mosquito nets, water purifying solutions and oral rehydration salts for diarrhoea.

The Foundation also supports Blue Ventures to equip these communities with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to manage their fisheries more sustainably, resulting in an increase in the income of local fishers. Blue Ventures also introduced processes for better food processing and storage, aimed at reducing post harvest losses and therefore reducing stunting and other health issues among children and mothers. Collectively these efforts are serving to improve the health of both people and the ocean and helping to lift these communities out of poverty.

Furthermore, Blue Ventures shares its expertise and resources through its networks, supporting others on the application of its methods. Through this sharing of expertise, Blue Ventures has indirectly supported improved access to health services for approximately 830,000 individuals living in remote, highly biodiverse areas, further expanding the positive impact of the programme.