About Us

"We believe that every child in this world has the right to survive and thrive."

Established in 2019, The Light Foundation supports non-profit-organizations in more than 17 countries, who deliver immediate aid for child survival, provide access to the essential elements of a child‘s development or design sustainable ideas to strengthen children‘s rights.

The core focus of the foundation is the support of women and child welfare, education and health in the world’s poorest regions with grants that ideally last over several years to increase the impact of the funding and make it more sustainable. Grants support national and vocational training, development cooperation and public health care as well as the promotion of science and research. The Foundation’s grant portfolio includes small nonprofits, mid-sized organizations to very large international NGOs, and UNICEF. The Light Foundation aims to support models for system change within less privileged communities and countries.

How we can work together

When making a grant we seek to address an immediate and urgent need by helping to positively change the future and support systemic change. We look to partner with organizations that share our focus on helping women and children living in ultrapoverty by driving impactful change through scalable, innovative and sustainable programs and projects. We are flexible on the duration of our grants with our primary emphasis always being on supporting projects or programs that can deliver outsized impact with the greatest chances of success.

Our grant process is comprised of an initial 3-5 pageshort overview of the charity and the proposed project or need that seeks to be addressed. This will be reviewed our Executive committee and Board of Directors and a joint decision will be made if we should move forward to developing a more detailed project proposal. If we decide to move forward, our Executive team is prepared to work with the charity to further refine and expand the grant proposal in order to minimize the amount of time and strain on resources for the Charity. A detailed proposal is typically 10 pages and should include not only a program or project proposal but also a detailed overview of how the project will be monitored, what the key risks are, what resources are needed as well as how costs will be managed to insure cost effective success of the project.

The detailed project proposal will then be reviewed by our Board of Directors and a final decision will be taken. We will then work jointly to sign a Grant Agreement and start funding of the project. Our goal is to work quickly and efficiently so that we minimize the amount of time spent on paperwork and maximize the time and focus on the project.

Program Monitoring and Evaluation

We rely on data and quarterly updates to make sure that the programs and projects that we support are on course to achieve their goals. While we closely look at performance indicators associated with the project we also understand that there are times when near term events or challenges require adjustments to be made and we work closely with our partners to be as supportive and nimble as is required to achieve the maximum impact.

At the conclusion of each project there is a final report that should quantify in as many ways as possible the impact that the project achieved. Beyond just measuring the impact though through data and statistics, we also look to understand from all of our partners how and what we learned from the project can be used to drive further positive change.

How we fund

Our funding is flexible both in size and structure. We are can fund projects ourselves but also to enter into a funding partnership with other reputable organizations.

Stephanie Koopmann, Co-Director
Philanthropy & Programs
With over 20 years of working on different sides within the non-profit sector, serving different causes and acting in different roles, Stephanie was appointed in 2019 to establish and lead The Light Foundation. She sets up and manages a brought variety of global partnerships for the foundation. Stephanie is passionate about multi-dimensional impact and the respect for local resources.
Natalie Hayday, Co-Director
Finance and Operations
Natalie joined The Light Foundation in 2022 and brings with her over 25 years experience in international business and finance. Natalie is passionate about Conservation, Health and Education and hopes to use her experience to help women gain access to resources and skills that will help affect sustainable and transformational change.
Marc-André Ziegler
Marc-André joined The Light Foundation in 2023 and helps to evaluate and support with the selection of new grants as well as assist in the monitoring of ongoing projects. Marc-André is passionate about Sustainability, Local Partnerships and Community-Based Care. He has a Master in Management from ESCP Business School and a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Marc-André lives in Frankfurt am Main.
Tim Winkel
Tim joined The Light Foundation in 2023 and helps to evaluate and support with the selection of new grants as well as assist in the monitoring of ongoing projects. He is passionate about Nutrition and Food Security as well as Child Welfare and Protection. Tim holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Tim lives in Frankfurt am Main.
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