The Light Foundation, based in Frankfurt (Germany), supports effective methods to improve the lives of children and their families who face extreme poverty.

"We believe that every child in this world has the right to survive and thrive."

Therefore, The Light Foundation invests in non-profit-organizations who deliver immediate aid for child survival, provide access to the essential elements of a child‘s development or design sustainable ideas to strengthen children‘s rights.

With our grants we reach out to those children and their families who live in the poorest regions of this world. The Light Foundation aims to support models for system change within less privileged communities and countries.


 We accept proposals by invitation only.


The Light Foundation

c/o Stephanie Koopmann, Letzter Hasenpfad 13

60598 Frankfurt am Main, Germany



  The Light Foundation is a charitable foundation and

is represented by the Foundation Executive Board: Stephanie Koopmann.

The Foundation Supervisory Authority is the Government of Hesse, Germany

Registration: I 13-25d 04.12/15-2019